Qbex Modules

Qbex Modules

Modules that help your institution run smoothly

We provide a seamless integration of all processes, data and relationship existing in the institution. Embrace technology and automation in your organization and stay ahead in the industry.

Online Learning and Examination Platform

Through this module, study materials such as PDF and Videos can be shared by teachers with the students. This module also offers a platform for online learning such as integration with video conferences for running class discussion. In addition, teachers can also send out assignments in the form of text documents or pictures. Explanations about the assignment can be sent through voice attachments. Students can submit their assignments via app. Marking of the assignments can be done via the teacher’s mobile app that is integrated in the final transcript. You can also run online examinations through this module for entrance and regular exams.

  Class conduction data

  Assignment Reports

  Student Marks

  Examination Scores

Basic Information Management System (BMIS)

Students are enrolled in Qbex after admission. We store all documents from certificates to medical records. Module allows:

  Class management

  Admission management

  ID card generation

Examination Management Information System (EMIS)

We have a capacity to generate 1500 report cards/hr. With a normal laser printer we can print 500 report cards/hr. We can provide following:

  Report cards

  Mark sheet ledger generation

  Teacher mobile app integration to input marks

Finance Management

We are a full accounting software package with strong finance management module. We can integrate all necessary financial reports such as cash-flow reports, income-expense records and balance sheets. You can access:

  Fee management

  Payroll management

  Vendor management

Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

We help in profiling your employees, tracking leave. Module can include:

Employee data management

Attendance and leave management

Payroll management

Inventory Management

We help track all supplies, stocks and sales. You can have access to following:

Order supplies

Stock reports

Sales reports

Library Management

We assist in library operation by monitoring records of books and borrower records. You can enjoy:

Barcode integration

Book tracking

Borrower’s report generation

Transport Management

We help manage and monitor buses and students. We provide following integration:

GPS integration with live tracking facility