Qbex Features

Qbex Features

Our ERP provides a wide range of features in different categories

    Administrative Features    Academic Features    Financial Features    Documentation Features

Documentation Features

Documents Management

The necessary documents of the students, employees, as well as guardians, can be managed

Student Record

It helps to systematically record the information of students like profile, contact details, guardians, and other documents

Past Students

The information of the past students are maintained in this system where you can access the profile, billing details of the respective students

Employee Profiling

The employee’s details can be recorded in their respective profile which will make the HR Manager job easier


The Notice from the school is shared to everyone – parents, teacher and student which helps to maintain communication flow

Bulk SMS

The SMS services can be used for informing as well as communicating with the users

ID Card Design and Generation

ID cards can be prepared as per the need which will be designed for every individual student and generated effectively

AI enabled performance and behavioral analysis of student

Based on the data provided by the students and how they react to the system, a comprehensive report of how students are performing can be generated

Features that make
Organizing Easy

Features that make
Organizing Easy

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