Qbex Features

Qbex Features

Our ERP provides a wide range of features in different categories

    Administrative Features    Academic Features    Financial Features    Documentation Features

Academic Features

Courses & Batches

The course and batch of every student can be created and managed which will be part of the student’s profile

Roll No. Management

The roll no. of the students are assigned automatically as per the sequence of their admission

Student Attendance

The admin can upload the attendance record of the students easily through the system

Time Table

The time schedule of the teacher in a particular class for a particular subject can be arranged automatically

Event and Calendar

The holidays, events, exam schedule and other important dates are managed within the calendar

Library Management

Records of the books, issued, due date are managed systematically along with the use of barcode reader

Transcript Generation

This feature helps to generate the transcript at the end of each academic period compiling all the exam records

Mobile apps for parents and students

The general app can be used by both parents as well as students who have access to notice, event as well as gallery features

Examination Management

The examination can be created, input marks and get the exam reports in a systematic way at anytime

Features that make
Organizing Easy

Features that make
Organizing Easy

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